Exclusive Media Entertainment is a casting agency and a production company based in Central London. We work across the media spectrum including film, commercial radio and television. Exclusive Media Entertainment works in building strong long-term relationships and collaborations with our talent and external buyers. Our purpose is to find the right role for the right talent.


Exclusive Media Entertainment focuses on providing tailored made casting auditions and in-house productions, from producing a TV series to reality shows. Every open role in the reality show and TV series will be offered to the right talent from the agency roster. Our agency offers a chance for every talent to have a unique open platform to become part of an exciting production produced fully by us.

The series is intended for television and online broadcasting with the possibility of appearing at leading film festivals and selling across a range of international networks for distribution of film production.


Have an opportunity to feature in our bespoke reality ‘Acting Challenges’ and get the chance to land a leading role in the series ‘Talent’s Academy’ which will be produced in-house by Exclusive Media Entertainment. Develop your career and have the chance to become a household name globally.


Casting calls, productions and post- productions are fully managed by Exclusive Media Entertainment.


We give open opportunities to children, teenagers and adults to then have a chance to become part of a reality show or a TV production.


No professional background needed as long as you believe that you have something unique to offer.


Our main process we go through with the talent starts from the casting auditions, bespoke acting classes, to then become part of the reality or TV series. This is to innovate, build and create a name and platform for the talent and be ready to compete in the UK marketplace.


The casting auditions and projects will cover the whole of the UK. ALL talents in this process will be selected through a preliminary national CASTING. The categories for casting participants are stated below:




From 4 to 6 years’ old

From 7 to 9 years’ old

From 10 to 12 years’ old




From 13 to 17 years’ old




From 18 to 64 years’ old


The casting will be organised in several steps as follows:


Round 1 – Online casting

Round 2 – The ones who successfully cover all the criteria from Round 1, will get chosen to become part of a professional acting photo shoot, guidance with one of our Acting Coaches who will help tailor the creation of a professional and bespoke portfolio.

Round 3 – Live casting and an opportunity to meet some of our professional actors.

Round 4 – Video auditions and a select allocation of short-listed talent for our various projects



If you would like to be represented by Exclusive Media Entertainment you can apply in Round 1, the ‘Online Casting call’ section.


Please note: Applicants under 18 years old must have parental / guardian permission.


The main producer/agent is Exclusive Media Entertainment.





The Exclusive Media Entertainment team is created of professionals in the field of show business, video and theatre productions, TV, commercials and all wide aspects of the media industry. The Agency is an international company that also operates in several countries in the EU.

The Agency is in the process of developing a new reality format called ‘Acting challenges’ and filming a new TV series called ‘Talent’s Academy’.


Devil Cinema is the sub company that sits under the main Exclusive Media Entertainment umbrella and equally is one of the main production companies that operates all our media projects. Devil cinema is involved in the production of a variety of projects including a TV series, reality format, music and promotional videos.

Devil Cinema produced the hip-hop series “False rhymes” which was released in the Bulgarian Television market. The series has several nominations and awards and proved that there is room in the European market for independent established producers, as well as new, unproven individuals that were discovered during the casting campaigns and received leading and supporting roles.

Devil Cinema is currently producing hip-hop series “True rhymes” which is going to be released September 2020.


Specializing in consulting and character development as well as organising small (below the line) to large (above the line) television and film projects, TV series, reality formats, commercials, music videos and much more.



Exclusive Media Entertainment produces the Bulgarian ‘Talent’s Academy’ series for children and teenagers, as well as a reality format for children and teens of different talents – ‘Become a Star’.