Find out more about Devil Cinema

Devil Cinema is the sub company that sits under the main Exclusive Media Entertainment umbrella and equally is one of the main production companies that operates all our media projects.

Devil cinema is involved in the production of a variety of projects including a TV series, reality format, music and promotional videos.

Devil Cinema produced the hip-hop series “False rhymes” which was released in the Bulgarian Television market. The series has several nominations and awards and proved that there is room in the European market for independent established producers, as well as new, unproven individuals that were discovered during the casting campaigns and received leading and supporting roles.

Devil Cinema is currently producing the hip-hop series “True rhymes” which is going to be released on September 2020. We are sharing with you some backstage pictures.

In the series “True rhymes” famous Bulgarian actors and influencers become part of the shooting process and all roles were offered to talents from the agency roaster.

You can have a look at some backstage pictures with Adrian Zurkov– a famous Bulgarian actor and influencer.

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